The Times UK – February 2018

Dublin will need to house 2.3m people before 2031

The Times UK – February 2018

Dublin will need more than 170,000 new homes to house 2.26 million people by 2031, a study has found.

Over the next 13 years an extra 360,000 people will be living in the greater Dublin area, according to the Housing 2031 report by Initiative Ireland, a financial services company. Nationally another 478,269 new dwellings will be needed for the rising population.

Outside Dublin, the southwest and the mid-east regions will be most in need of new housing. The mid-west will require the fewest ā€” 22,591 until 2031.

The report also said that fewer than 10,000 new homes were built last year. Eoghan Murphy, the housing minister, said earlier in the year that he could not say how many homes were built in 2017.


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