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ESG Loan Servicing

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ESG Asset Management

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Initiative Asset ManagementInitiative Asset Management is an ESG loan servicer and asset manager.  We are part of Initiative Financial Group and provide ESG Asset Management services for assets managed within the group.  As such we manage loans on behalf of Global Funds and Investment Banks, adhering to strict reporting standards. We also manage loans for investor communities comprised of Private Investors, Private Pensions, Charities and Companies.  As an ESG Specialist, we leverage our technology and experience to deliver the best possible financial and ESG outcomes.

esg Governance

Securing Assets

We believe that ESG investments and loans can deliver increased sustainability and lower volatility, without compromising on returns. We also believe that capital security is key. That is why we focus on servicing property-backed, asset-secured investments and opportunities exclusively. 

esg governance

Measuring Impact

As a ESG Firm, we understand that ESG Investments and Loans need to be carefully assessed and structured to deliver positive ESG outcomes. We also understand the need to define, measure and report on ESG outcomes. We work with clients to understand your reporting needs and to manage assets to your ESG Principles.


Future growth

Initiative Asset Management

In September 2021 Initiative Financial Services secured the backing Credit Fund funding lines with capacity to lend €900m over the next three years alone. In 2021 Initiative Ireland also announced a new partnership with the Credit Union Development Association (CUDA) to enable Irish Credit Unions to lend up to €600m to Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs), through a new regulated fund.

As the Loan Servicer for the Initiative Financial Services Group, Initiative Asset Management will be the appointed Loan Servicer for all loans originated under these partnerships and any assets originated through the SoenGo ESG Investment Platform, which includes additional Housing, Healthcare and Habitat investments. 

Over the coming years we will be investing heavily into our systems and people, to create a truly impactful and lean ESG Asset Management firm. Building on the success of existing partnerships, we hope to expand our offering and build new partnerships with ESG Lenders and Investment Funds across Europe. By working with trusted partners, we aim to enable lasting change.